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PTFE Envelope Gaskets & Solid PTFE Sheet Gaskets/Machined Components

Our range of PTFE (Teflon®) Gaskets includes PTFE Envelope Gaskets and Expanded PTFE Sheet Gaskets / Joint Sealants.

Machined components like PTFE 'O' rings , 'T' Bush , seats , seals or as per any special profile / shape to your drawings. Solid PTFE gaskets / Machined components are available in Filled grade as well like Bronze / Carbon / Glass filled PTFE.

PTFE Envelope Gaskets manufactured by us are mainly in two types - Milled type (fused End) and Slit type (Machined). These Gaskets can have Inserts of CAF, Rubber, PVC, Corrugated steel sandwiched between CAF / Non Asbestos rings.

Milled Type - Fused End
It is made to fit the insert and presents a flat face to the flange · Fused End envelopes are being manufactured from Diameters of 400mm to any size with a maximum wall thickness of upto 100mm

Slit Type
These Machined PTFE envelope variant are more suited for smaller diameters and larger quantities. It is perfectly adequate for varied applications.